Cardfight!! Scans

Anonymous asked: I wanted to thank you for the amazing job of translating the chapters!!! The quality is superior in every way! I really hope to see you release future chapters! So please do not stop releasing your superior quality cardfight chapters!

Thank you! I’ll try and keep it up the best I can. While progress is slow, I’m trying to at least get through all the volumes I own first.

Cardfight!! Vanguard manga Volume 2 #005 (EN)


And thus begins volume 2. Lot of good stuff happening in this chapter. Our plot gets introduce, and it’s pretty different from the anime. Check it out!

#005 almost released!

I finished Chapter #005. It’ll be released tonight, but I have to go to class so I can’t post it now. Figured I should let everyone know!

Anonymous asked: Hi I'd like to ask where you bought the cardfight manga! And thanks for the releases.

They were actually a gift from a friend! I only own the first three volumes. But you can get them from Kinokuniya’s English website for about 15 dollars each. They’re definitely worth it!

Chapter #005 Status

Hey, all! Long time no see. #005 is coming along quite well, actually. I’m getting some help on the typesetting for the latter half, so it won’t be long before than gets finished, hopefully. Keep your eyes and ears open for the chapter’s release!

Anonymous asked: Where can you download the Cardfight manga raws ?

For LQ scans, try twotaileddemon’s tumblr account. I’ve only scanned the raws (from volumes I own) from the first five chapters. (though I don’t remember if I uploaded 5 or not. If I haven’t, I’ll upload it when I finish the english version of chapter 5.

Anonymous asked: Hey, it seems that Gundamfinal (he has a blogspot blog) is also translating the Cardfight!! Vanguard manga, so why not ask him to team up and you could help each other out? Just a suggestion. :)

Oh, I see! Translating isn’t an issue, and I’m not particularly fond of the way he cleans or typesets, haha. So I think it’s best to just have us separate.

Good on him for getting ahead, though. At least people will be able to read it! I’m really picky about my cleans/typesets, anyway (that’s not what’s taking so long for chapters, though!)

Anonymous asked: Are you still working on the cardfight vanguard manga scans translation? Also, will the mini vanguard be translated too?

Well, kind of. I got really busy with school, and stuff. I’m still working on chapter 5. I also haven’t gotten the chance to scan in any other chapters. I haven’t stopped, but it’s really hard to work on it these days.

As for MiniVan, if I could find decent raws for it I’d gladly work on it, too.

Still alive, still breathing

I haven’t stopped by in a while. I actually forgot I did this because I was really busy with a lot of other things. Progress on #005-EN has been pretty slow because of that. I don’t know when I’ll be able to get it done, but hopefully I can start some more work on it when I get the chance!

Anonymous asked: Are you still a 1 man team or were you able to recruit other people?

Two man team. One guy for translations, and another for everything else. That being the scanning of the books to the cleaning of the pages, and the typesetting. 

I’m lazy and am really specific about what I want/how I want things done, so I’m really paranoid about having people on my team for things like this. I fear people would just tire of my specifics and bitching. ):